Dementia Services

The best place for a person with memory loss is in familiar surroundings. The services we can provide are a valuable trusted solution to help maintain a regular routine.

We recognise that our Service Users with dementia need time and patience to manage their independence and we work with them and their families to ensure that we use the time that we have to the best possible way to meet their needs.

  • We realise that dementia affects people in different ways.

  • Understand how a person centred care approach can make a difference to the care that our staff provide

  • Identify what specialist care a person with dementia may require.
  • Think of ideas and methods that our staff can use to improve the well being of people with dementia in our care.
People with dementia have the same rights as everyone else to make decisions about how they live their lives and we are continually striving  to assist in the best practice through information sharing and awareness raising.

We are committed to training and have a specialist dementia care trainer within the organisation.

The training will provide a practical introduction to dementia care.
We will look at what the experience of dementia may be like for those who have it, both physically and emotionally and how it effects family carers.

We will consider how to communicate effectively with people who have dementia and how to understand their needs and behaviours.

Our staff will have an insight into what the experience of dementia might be like for the person with dementia and their family and friends.

They will have an understanding of some of the early symptoms of dementia and a recognition of dementia as an individual experience that cannot be generalised.

With support workers having the confidence and knowledge of dementia care, family members and carers feel more at ease and anxiety levels are greatly reduced.

Our  sister company reflections is a community based social/activity day support service for people living with a dementia , including younger adults and people with learning disability and their carers.
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